aespa members: “We don’t really do diet, eat everything without being picky”

aespa, a group known for their slim bodies, surprised people by saying that they don’t go on any diet.

The fans’ attention is focused on the fact that the members of aespa, a girl group that boasts unrealistic doll-like bodies, said they did not care much about dieting.

Recently, the YouTube web entertainment show “Street Alcohol Fighter 2,” where singer Kim Hee-chul is the MC, featured aespa, a junior group in his agency, as the guests.

In this episode, aespa members enjoyed the food served as a snack before drinking the cocktail.

Seeing how well his juniors ate, Kim Hee-chul asked, “When I see girl groups, I always see them going on diets. Do you guys have any struggle with body management?”


Winter, a member of aespa, immediately said, “We don’t do such things,” drawing attention.

Winter added, “We are not picky about food. We only reduce the amount of food we eat if we really have to diet.”


Other members also nodded as if they sympathized with Winter’s words while eating the food deliciously.

aespa members recently appeared on MBC’s “The Manager” and shared they do not have any separate diet plan.


At that time, Karina surprised everyone by saying that she even ate three bags of instant noodles alone when she ate a lot.


After hearing that story, singer Song Ga-in looked at Karina’s slim physique and said, “But there is no room for three packs of instant noodles,” to which Karina answered, “The inside of my stomach is wide,” drawing laughter.


Source: insight

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