A “Squid Game” actor was once caught looking down on other people in the past, “I’m American. We’re kings of the world”

While “Squid Game” is still enjoying its hot popularity worldwide, an actor who appeared as a VIP in this series has been criticized for his bossy attitudes in the past.

Recently, a video reported by the British daily news Daily Mail in 2017 has been brought up again to be re-examined. At that time, this media site introduced Geoffrey Giuliano as an actor from Rochester, New York, U.S.A, and reported, “Geoffrey Giuliano pushed other customers at a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand”.

Geoffrey Giuliano squid game

Along with the article, a video reported by an anonymous Frenchman was also released. The footage shows Geoffrey Giuliano putting 25 items on the conveyor belt at the checkout counter, which was supposed to contain no more than 10 items. Therefore, it resulted in a conflict between the actor and the video informant. Receiving a complaint from the informant, Geoffrey Giuliano said, “You can’t scare me with that camera. I’m an actor.”

The informant replied, “I’m waiting to hear what you’re going to say next since you wanna talk about America.” Then, Geoffrey Giuliano responded with curses, “I’m American, I can do anything I want. We’re kings of this world. Mind your own business.”

According to what the informant told the Daily Mail, Geoffrey Giuliano threw things away, acted aggressively, and smashed some watermelons and bananas. It is reported that the actor even used abusive words in front of his wife and children. In particular, what revealed the identity of Geoffrey Giuliano was the entrance pass he wore on his neck.

After Netflix’s “Squid Game” became a global hit drama, this video was brought up once again. Netizens suspected that Geoffrey Giuliano in that video is the actor who plays the billionaire VIP 4, who watches the “squid game” through a monitor in the drama.

Geoffrey Giuliano squid game
Geoffrey Giuliano squid game

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” is a Netflix series that tells about people who risk their lives participating in a mysterious survival game to become the final winner and get 45.6 billion won in prize money. This drama, starring actors Lee Jung-jae, Park Hae-soo, and Jung Ho-yeon, dominated the No.1 spot on the worldwide Netflix’s “Today’s TOP 10” Chart. Moreover, it also recorded an amazing number of 111 million viewers, becoming the most-watched series on Netflix.

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