A gift prepared by best friend Park Na-rae for Mi-ja’s “first birthday after marriage”

Broadcaster Mi-ja expressed her gratitude to her best friend Park Na-rae.

On October 14th, Mija updated her Instagram story with the caption, “This is the first gift that arrived as soon as I opened my eyes.”

Then, Mi-ja expressed her gratitude to Park Na-rae, who never forgets her birthday and takes care of her every year, saying, “Thank you for sending Korean beef on every birthday. I love you too.”

mija park na rae

The gift that Park Na-rae prepared for her best friend Mi-ja was the 1.4kg Korean beef gift set from Nonghyup.

Previously, Mi-ja appeared on a July broadcast of the Channel A program “Dr. Oh’s Golden Clinic”, and described Park Na-rae as her “benefactor”.


Mi-ja became a comedian via the 19th MBC recruitment program in 2009 and was active under her real name Jang Yoon-hee. Later on, after graduating from art school, Mi-ja confessed that she had quit her comedian career after being severely bullied by former co-workers, and that she suffered from depression for a long time.

According to Mi-ja, it was Park Na-rae who brought Mi-ja out of the swamp of depression. “Park Na-rae is the only colleague who held my hand when I was most lonely”, she said.

mija park na rae

The broadcaster also added, “My family thinks of Na-rae as a benefactor of mine. Thanks to her, my depression has improved.”

On the other hand, Mi-ja married comedian Kim Tae-hyun in April.

Source: wikitree

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