“Do you know me?”… A celebrity screamed and blew a heart towards Nana 

After School member Jung Ah went out to cheer for Nana at the VIP premiere of “Confession” 

after school jung ah

What happened at the VIP premiere of the movie ‘Confession’

On the afternoon of October 24th, a VIP preview of the upcoming movie “Confession” was held at the Lotte Cinema World Tower branch in Songpa-gu, Seoul. Various celebrities attended this event.

after school jung ah

On this day, Jung Ah, Lee Joo Yeon, and Ga Eun, who were active in the girl group After School, also appeared in public after a long time. The trio reportedly went in support of groupmate Nana, who played a major role in the movie, showing off their shining loyalty. 

On the same day, the eldest sister, Jung Ah, shared a short video on her Instagram story to reveal an episode from the premiere.

after school jung ah nana

The released video showed Nana giving a stage greeting at the premiere. She greeted her audience by saying, “This is Nana who plays Kim Se Hee in the play.” From the audience, applause and cheers were accompanied by a loud voice saying, “Wow, you are beautiful.”

after school jung ah nana

Then, Nana continued, “In this cold weather…”, before suddenly asking, “Who is making the heart? Do you know me?”, to which one of the After School members shouted back, “It’s a member! A member”. 

Hearing this, Nana responded shyly, saying, “A member? Oh, it’s sister Jung Ah”, invoking laughter from the scene. 

after school jung ah nana

On the other hand, Jung Ah added a smiley emoticon to her video as well as the caption, “Yes, I know you”. She also showed her affection via another caption which said, “If only I had eaten, then I would have screamed more.”


Meanwhile, After School has not officially announced its disbandment, but their last comeback was back in 2013 with little or no activities afterwards. 

Source: Wikitree

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