BTS’s J-Hope Stands Proud As “Model Soldier” In The Military 

The current status of J-Hope from BTS, who is serving in the military, was revealed in various photos.

On November 29, photos of J-Hope in military uniform at the completion ceremony of trainees were posted on an online community. In the photos, J-Hope showed a dignified expression while wearing a red hat. The name tag on his military uniform indicates “Republic of Korea Army” and “Assistant Instructor”, showcasing the everyday life of a well-prepared soldier. His noticeable figure, even from a distance, has garnered admiration.

bts j-hope

Previously, J-Hope’s interactions with trainees were shared through a trainee’s cafe. As he continues his military service as an assistant instructor at the Recruit Training Center, the image of J-Hope leading trainees has been captured in various places.

Having enlisted in the 36th Infantry Division Recruit Training Center in Gangwon Province on April 18, J-Hope was later selected as an instructor for the same recruit training center. In response to this news, J-Hope visited the fan community platform Weverse in April and left a message for fans, saying that he has completed the instructor training lectures and has been appointed as a diligent instructor assistant.

In October, he also shared the news of being selected as a special warrior, following in Jin’s footsteps. Regarding this, J-Hope expressed his pride through Weverse and mentioned that he felt honored to be guiding and assisting young soldiers in their first steps, just like how he felt honored in BTS’s activities.

bts j-hope

Recently, a photo of J-Hope wearing a military uniform with a “green badge” was released, indicating that the male idol has been appointed as a squad leader, surprising fans once again. Fans continue to send supportive messages to J-Hope, who is showing dedicated military service both in singing and in the military.

On the other hand, J-Hope is scheduled to be discharged on October 17 next year. 

Source: Nate

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