A best friend visited Sulli’s grave and brought her a gift, “You really liked them…”

Kang Ji-young, a former member of KARA, showed her remembrance of the late Sulli (Choi Jin-ri)

Kang Ji-young posted some photos and a video on her Instagram Story on September 2nd along with the caption, “I bought some peaches, Jin-ri’s favorite fruit”.

The first photo is a proof shot taken by Kang Ji-young while holding the peach fruit that Sulli liked in the palm of her hand.


She also showed her affection by touching Sulli’s grave slightly with her hands. As can be seen from the video, there are colorful tulips and peaches brought by Kang Ji-young on Sulli’s grave. 

It is known that Kang Ji-young and Sulli were same-age close friends during the time the two were active as members of KARA and f(x). In particular, Kang Ji-young once shared, “I didn’t have any friends during the two years after my debut, but Sulli approached me first and that was how we got close to each other.”

Source: wikitree

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