8 wins for BTS, SEVENTEEN, and &TEAM, HYBE hits big at Japan Gold Disc Awards 

Artists under HYBE Labels are doing exceptionally well in the Japanese music market, with multiple wins at the Japan Gold Disc Awards

According to the list of winners of the 37th Japan Gold Disc Awards, which was announced by the Japan Record Association on March 10th, HYBE Label artists, including BTS (Big Hit Music), SEVENTEEN (Pledis Entertainment), and &TEAM (HYBE Labels Japan), achieved a total of 8 prizes. 


In particular, BTS confirmed their hot popularity in Japan by securing 4 awards. First, they continue to win “Best Asian Artist”, an award given to the most active Asian artist during the year, for 5 consecutive years. With this, BTS has broken the record and became the artist with the most wins in this category. 

Additionally, BTS was crowned for “Best 3 Albums (Asia)” with “Proof”, “Song of the Year by Download (Asia)” with the album’s title song “Yet To Come”, and “Music Video of the Year” with “BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo”, which contains the live performance of the group’s 8th anniversary fan meeting.


Furthermore, Jungkook and Charlie Puth’s collaboration song “Left and Right” was honored in the “Song of the Year by Streaming (Western music)” category.

On the other hand, SEVENTEEN secured 3 wins with their Korean and Japanese albums. In particular, their 3rd Japanese mini album “DREAM” and 4th Korean full album “Face the Sun” were included in the list of “Best 3 Albums (Asia)”. Among them, “DREAM” demonstrated its potential to win the “Album of the Year (Asia)”, which is given to the album of the year that achieved the greatest achievement in its category.

As a result, winners of the “Best 3 Album (Asia)” award at the Japan Gold Disk Awards were all HYBE Labels artists. The same case happened last year, with this category being won by BTS’s “BTS, the Best”, SEVENTEEN’s “Attacca”, and TXT’s “Chaotic Wonderland”. 


The progress of the HYBE Japan’s rookie group, &TEAM, was also astounding. Debuting in December 2022, &TEAM secured the “2022 Rookie of the Year” award with less than a month of activity.

Established in 1987 by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, the Japan Gold Disc Awards is one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the Japanese music industry. Winners are determined based on net sales performance of CDs and videos (total shipments minus returns), music transmission sales, and streaming playback performance.

Source: Daum

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