“King the Land” unveils first main poster showcasing Lee Jun Ho & Yoona’s overwhelming visual combination

JTBC’s “King the Land” released a romantic two-shot poster of Lee Jun Ho and Lim Yoon Ah (Yoona).

JTBC’s new Sat-Sun drama “King the Land (written by Choi Rom/ directed by Im Hyun Wook), which is scheduled to premiere on June 17th, has just revealed the first main poster with a lovely two-shot of Lee Jun Ho (as Goo Won) and Im Yoon Ah (as Cheon Sa Rang), raising viewers’ excitement.


“King the Land” tells about Goo Won, a man who hates smiles, and Cheon Sa Rang, who always smiles, creating days where they can smile brightly at the VVIP Lounge ‘King the Land’, a dream for all hoteliers. Taking on The King Hotel director Goo Won and ‘smiling queen’ Cheon Ra Sa Rang, respectively, Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah will complete a seven-star high-quality romcom.

The first main poster shows the dazzling visual combination of the two actors who have completely immersed themselves in their characters. Lee Jun Ho expresses the arrogant personality of Goo Won with a smileless face, while Im Yoon Ah shows her fresh smile as ‘smiling queen’ Cheon Sa Rang.

In particular, the surroundings of the two are filled with sparkling lights, creating a warm atmosphere. It is like Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang are casting spells of happiness on people who visit ‘King the land’, making viewers smile naturally. Like the introduction, “the magic of love that will save you”, the sweet synergy between Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah, who will color everyone’s hearts with love, is highly anticipated.


The production team of “King the Land” stated, “Please look forward to the whole process of Goo Won and Cheon Sa Rang, who lived completely different worlds, meeting, understanding each other’s world, and giving magical resonance”.

Through the first main poster containing Lee Jun Ho and Im Yoon Ah’s splendid visuals, “King the Land” is sending a welcome greeting to those who visit the VVIP Lounge. Therefore, drama fans are looking forward to the first guest to be welcomed by the arrogant hotel director Goo Won and the friendly hotelier Im Yoon Ah at ‘King the land’.

Source: Daum

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