7 Korean actresses who played supporting roles but stole the spotlight in their dramas

Kim Ji Won, Krystal, Ji Yeon, etc. are all excellent actresses, but they used to play supporting roles many times.

Apart from the ‘second male lead syndrome’, there were many times that KPOP fans were even into supporting female roles more than the main characters. Below are the 7 “scene-stealer” actresses.

1. Kim Ji Won (The Heirs – Descendants of the Sun)

Although having both beauty and talent, Kim Ji Won seems to be recognized more for her supporting roles. In “The Heirs”, while Cha Eun Sang (Park Shin Hye) didn’t leave much impression since this image has been seen many times on the screen, Kim Ji Won attracted the attention for her supporting role with a fancy look and better acting than the female lead. Even though this character sometimes behaved badly, audiences couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

3 years later, Kim Ji Won continued to take on a second female lead role in Song Hye-kyo’s drama “Descendants of the Sun” and continued to portray her character perfectly. In fact, many people favored the second couple more than the main one.

2. Krystal (The Bride of Habaek)

Known for her luxurious and noble look, Krystal even outshone the main character played by Shin Se Kyung in “Bride of Habaek”. Apart from her character’s image that impressed the viewers more than the female lead’s, Krystal even received more compliments for her acting than Shin Se Kyung.

3. Kwon Nara (Itaewon Class)

Of course, people still love Jo Yi Seo (Kim Da Mi) in ‘Itaewon Class’, but it is clear that the character Soo Ah (Kwon Nara) is better built and has a compelling psychological development. She is the perfect model of every man’s “first love”. Unfortunately, after this role, Kwon Nara still has not found a worthy new role for her.

4. Song Yoon Ah (The K2)

While the character Go Anna (Yoona) in The K2 was ostracized for being useless and weak, the “stepmother” Song Yoon Ah was viewers’ favorite character. This actress even has more impressive moments with the male lead Ji Chang Wook even though she is 14 years older than her junior.

5. Kang Ha Na (My Roommate Is a Gumiho)

In My Roommate Is a Gumiho, Yang Hye Sun (Kang Ha Na) stands out for her elegant visuals and aura. Hye Sun also overshadows the female lead Lee Dam (Hyeri) with her classy fashion style. Fortunately, she and the male lead are only friends, otherwise the audience will be divided over which female character should the male lead belong to. 

6. Moon Ga Young (The Great Seducer)

The arrogant and entitled Choi Soo Ji is the second female lead in The Great Seducer played by Moon Ga Young. Not only standing out for her acting, Moon Ga Young‘s appearance is also a bit similar to the female lead Joy, causing many viewers to be confused between the two.

7. Ji Yeon (Master Of Study)

When it comes to the most memorable second female lead character of Ji Yeon‘s acting career, it’s definitely Na Hyun Jung, the girl who always follows Hwang Baek Hyun (Yoo Seung Ho) around in Master Of Study. Ji Yeon’s pretty, lovely on-screen appearance and the character’s kind personality help Na Hyun Jung capture the audience’s hearts instead of the female lead Gil Pul Ip (Go Ah Sung).

Netizens’ comments:

  • Kim Ji Won is pretty and good at acting, but she is so underrated. Personally, I find Kim Ji Won in Descendants of the Sun overshadow even Song Hye Kyo. 
  • A typical case of the second female lead outshining the female lead is definitely in The Great Seducer. Moon Ga Young is so pretty, her acting is also better than Joy.
  • Park Ji Yeon in all supporting roles.
  • Song Yoon Ah in The K2. She looks both luxurious and beautiful.
  • Kim Ji Won’s Rachel is iconic.

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