“4 types of drugs” Yoo Ah In appointed a former lawyer for Korea’s Top 10 Law Firm

Actor Yoo Ah In (real name Uhm Hong Sik) hired an experienced lawyers amid his drug controversy.

On March 21st, Star News reported that Yoo Ah In appointed a lawyer, who used to worked at the Kim & Chang law firm – a top 10 law firm in Korea. According to the report, the lawyer appointed by Yoo Ah In also worked as a prosecutor for about 11 years since 2006.

yoo ah in

This lawyer joined the Kim & Chang law firm in 2017 and currently belongs to another law firm.

It is known that there is also a chief prosecutor-turned-lawyer in the current law firm of Yoo Ah In’s lawyer.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah In, who is suspected of using 4 types of illegal drugs, will appear at the police station as a suspect on March 24th.

Previously, the National Forensic Service informed the police that Yoo Ah In’s hair and urine tests tested positive for drugs such as propofol, marijuana, cocaine and ketamine.

yoo ah in

About 10,000 pieces of data were obtained by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit as evidence of Yoo Ah In’s alleged drug use.

Accordingly, the police did not consider requesting an arrest warrant, believing that only the data obtained could sufficiently prove the charges.

On the other hand, Yoo Ah In had already finished filming for Netflix’s original series “Goodbye Earth”, so the results of his drug investigation has been drawing keen interest.

In addition, season 2 of Netflix’s series “Hellbound” starring Yoo Ah In had to go through a process of reorganization with a new lineup.

Source: Insight

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