2 Days & 1 Night Members Worried For Na In-woo’s Bare Face Amid “Marry My Husband” Popularity

Na In-woo appeared barefaced, causing concern for the members of “2 Days & 1 Nught.”

In the latest episode of KBS 2TV’s show “2 Days & 1 Night Season 4,” which aired on February 18th, Na In-woo appeared without makeup, drawing attention.

In this episode, Moon Se-yoon told Na In-woo, “Why did you leave your face like that? While “Marry My Husband” is ranked No.1 in the US?

Kim Jong-min mentioned the popularity of “Marry My Husband” starring Na In-woo, “In-woo’s popularity is crazy. It’s going global. I’m excited.”

Moon Se-yoon said, “But can he walk around without makeup? Jong-min is coming in full makeup too,” showing his worries about Na In-woo, who appeared without makeup. In fact, Na still looked like very handsome.

Meanwhile, Na In-woo is playing the male lead Yoo Ji-hyuk in the hit drama “Marry My Husband.”

Source: Xsports News

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