10 signs that Kpop idol is dating: 5 of them was discovered by netizens, with a surprising Number 8

By looking closely, fans can know whether Kpop idols are dating.

Dating is not a sinful thing, but for Korean idols and artists in showbiz, it’s hard to have a love relationship when they are always managed by the company and put under scrutiny eyes of the public. However, the public now has a more open-minded view of celebrity dating. And of course, idols don’t want their romance to be the topic for debating, so they often choose to go on a secret date.

However, the secret tends to come out in the light one way or another. There is no need for Dispatch to announce the news since even fans can tell if their idols are dating through 10 identification signs below:

1.Caught in the parking lot

Basement for parking and private house of Kpop idol is the most popular secret dating place. Suzy and Lee Min Ho have revealed that they like to have a date at the house or drive around to be unnoticed. This is also the place where many famous couples are caught like Lee Na Young – Wonbin, Kim Min Hee – Jo In Sung, Yoona – Lee Seung Gi, JennieKai (EXO) …

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2.Reveal their ideal type

Many idols suddenly describe their ideal type, like former member f (x) Sulli. This is when fans realize that their idol has a lover or a dream person. Sulli once described her ex-boyfriend Choiza as a trustworthy, mature person who always listens to what she said, or as Suzy once chose Lee Dong Wook as the ideal boyfriend before the news of dating was announced, or Lee Seung Gi repeatedly acknowledged Yoona as the ideal girl model.

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3.Purchase items that are different from their own styles from abroad

Actress Park So Hyun revealed on “Life Bar” that she is not only a Kpop fan, but she also knows how to tell if an idol is dating. The actress shared that fans should pay attention to the shopping bags that idols brought from overseas business trips.

If the bags are not from the fashion brands they regularly use, it is most likely a gift for “the other half.” And then if a male idol (or a female idol) appears wearing the brand’s clothes, fans can guess which idols are dating. In fact, K-pop fans are also very good at discovering and couples using suspiciously many couple items. The only problem is whether that couple has been caught and announced or not.

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4.Buy a new car

Many idols had admitted that they had dated in the car. The place is seen as the easiest place to date because it’s personal, well-hidden and easy to move around. So if the idol recently purchased a new car, fans should suspect them! Usually, idols don’t need a personal car because the manager will use the agency’s vehicle to bring them to schedules.

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5.Wear hiding clothes such as scarves, hats and face masks

Almost all of Dispatch’s dating news photos have one thing in common: the idols always try to hide their face by using dark-colored scarves, wearing face masks, hats or sunglasses, and sometimes, all of those above.

6.Take a walk on the street or in the park

Hyosung (SECRET) once revealed on “Radio Star” that idols are getting more careful at places with many cameras or crowded. They usually choose the park or by the Han River late at night to avoid cameras and fans. Recently, Jennie (BLACK PINK) and Kai (EXO) was also caught during their walk in the park late at night.

7.Have more than one SNS account

H.O.T’s leader – Moon Hee Jun – revealed that idols talked with each other through secret SNS accounts. In one episode of “Singderella”, he explained that most girl groups are not allowed to use a personal mobile phone, but the agency will give them tablets to search for choreography videos, articles, and related things.

Using a tablet without phone numbers, they can create social media accounts to contact each other without being tracked. Some think that this was how Moon Hee Jun dated his wife Soyul.

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8.Continuously go to the hair salon many times

Hyeri of Girls Day has revealed that the hair salon is also a secret dating place of idols. They will ask the stylist or hairdresser to help them contact or arrange a date. Hyeri and Yura also revealed that at the “Idol Star Athletics Championships”, there might be at least 10 couples who are interacting with each other. They will look at each other carefully to avoid suspicion.

9.Post photos along with the loving caption

When an idol starts posting photos along with loving notes related to their other on SNS, this means that they want to show their love to their boyfriend/girlfriend. When Taeyeon was secretly dating Baekhyun, she posted a lot of sweet selfies with heart symbols. That might have been unintentional, it might have been directing towards Taeyeon’s secret boyfriend.

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10.Start to hang out with other idol friends more frequently

The idols admit that they usually hang out with their friends or managers at restaurants and bars instead of going alone so that they can date without being suspected. The sexy diva Lee Hyori admitted that she used to help idols with their secret date by inviting them and their friend to her house and let the couple have their time together.

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Source: Kenh14

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