Zheng Shuang wrote an apology letter after the tax evasion scandal: Will overcome all difficulties to pay taxes and fines on time

Zheng Shuang wrote a long letter apologizing for tax evasion, promising to correct all her mistakes and pay the fine on time.

On August 27, Zheng Shuang apologized for the tax evasion case, she said she would accept administrative sanctions from the Tax Department in accordance with the law, and promised to overcome all difficulties to pay the taxes and fines on time.

Zheng Shuang
Zheng Shuang

The full text of Zheng Shuang’s letter is as follows:

“Apologize letter,

At this moment, I feel extremely regretful and guilty.

During the course of cooperation with the tax authorities’ investigation, I learned that due to my lack of financial knowledge and weak legal awareness, I did not pay taxes strictly in accordance with the requirements of the State’s tax collection and management, and this has made have a negative impact on society. Here I sincerely apologize to the country, society, and people who cared about me.

The Tax Department has made a decision to impose administrative penalties on me in accordance with the law. I accept this decision and promise to overcome all difficulties and pay taxes and fines on time.

Having debuted for more than 10 years, I am honored to follow the vigorous development of the national film and television industry to realize my dream of becoming an actor. I clearly understand that every step of my growth is inseparable from the cultivation of the country; as a public figure, everything I receive comes from everyone’s attention. I will learn a lesson from this incident, and will strictly abide by the law in the future, and will no longer betray the concern of fans and the attention of society.

This lesson will be a wake-up call for me to become more mature. It reminds me that I must always look at myself, not only as a law-abiding citizen but also to know how to restrain myself from higher requirements. I will not shirk my responsibilities, I will face my mistakes courageously. I hope ope everyone continues to supervise and spur me!

Finally, I’m sorry to everyone again! Please accept my apology from the bottom of my heart!”

A few days ago, the Inspection Division of the Shanghai Tax Bureau had the results of an investigation into the case of Zheng Shuang tax evasion. Accordingly, she did not declare her personal income of 191 million yuan, evaded taxes of 45,269,600 yuan, and other underpaid taxes of 26,520,700 yuan from 2019 to 2020. So the authorities have fined Zheng Shuang a legal penalty totaling 299 million yuan including taxes, late payment fees and fines.

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