Why did Zhao Wei decide to marry a wealthy man who once had a married life rather than accepting Huang Xiaoming’s one-sided love?

Huang Xiaoming had developed a secret love for Zhao Wei since his university days, but he could not take her heart in the end.

The story of Huang Xiaoming’ having a crush on Zhao Wei since their schooldays has been really famous in Cbiz. However, Zhao Wei has never once accepted Huang Xiaoming’s love for her. She even decided to marry billionaire Huang You Long who has a significant age gap with her and already married once instead of loving her best friend.

Recently, netizens have recalled a post that revealed why Zhao Wei and Huang Xiaoming couldn’t become a couple. This story has aroused great attention from their fans amid Zhao Wei’s serious scandal.

Chinese media uploaded a post titled “Having been in love with Zhao Wei for many years, why did Zhao Wei marry a man who once divorced rather than making a couple with Huang Xiaoming?”

1. Huang Xiaoming never directly confessed his feelings to Zhao Wei

Huang Xiaoming and Zhao Wei’s relationship over the years only remained as friendship. Zhao Wei used to be the goddess back in college. Many boys had a crush on her and Huang Xiaoming was one of them. This was also the reason why the actor did not have the courage to directly confess his feelings to her.

When they were in college, Huang Xiaoming confessed 3 times, but not directly. The actor once expressed his feelings for Zhao Wei in front of everyone when he was drunk, but when he was sober, he refused to admit it.

 2. Zhao Wei became famous very early, there was a big difference between her career and Huang Xiaoming’s

As soon as she was in the first year, Zhao Wei got to know the wealthy businessman Ye Maojing and got the role of Xiao Yanzi in My Fair Princess. Thanks to the success of the drama, Zhao Wei quickly blew up and became an A-list actress in the Chinese entertainment industry. Meanwhile, Huang Xiaoming was just an ordinary student and hadn’t become well-known at that time. The difference in their careers was so huge that they could not find a common ground.

3. Zhao Wei has dated many millionaires who were ready to splurge on her, while Huang Xiaoming could not do this yet.

After breaking up with Ye Maojing, she dated millionaires such as Wang Yu, Huang Yu Long,…

They not only spared no expense to buy the beauty of “My Fair Princess” many expensive gifts but also helped her expand relationships that help Zhao Wei’s acting and business career went smoothly. These are things that Huang Xiaoming was unable to do at that time.

By the time Huang Xiaoming’s career rose like a kite in the wind, becoming an A-list star of Cbiz, then Zhao Wei has already got married.

Sohu said that Zhao Wei quickly married Huang Yu Long because he is willing to “splash” her money and help the actress connect with wealthy businessmen, including billionaire Jack Ma.

Now, although Huang Xiaoming has had a happy family with Angela Baby, there are some “conspiracy theories” that the actor is still in love with Zhao Wei, only considering Angela Baby as a replacement. However, no one knows for sure whether he leans towards the first love or his wife.

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