Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng’s Surprise Divorce after 8 Years of Marriage: Unveiling the Real Reason

The news of Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng officially parting ways after 8 years of marriage sent shockwaves 

On October 23, both Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng confirmed the separation via their Weibo, emphasizing that the divorce was an amicable one. However, a credible Chinese paparazzi from Sohu later unveiled the true reason behind the decision that led Zhang Ziyi to divorce her husband.

Reportedly, Zhang Ziyi could no longer bear Wang Feng’s growing gambling addiction. This revelation brings to light a problem that has also been criticized by Wang Feng’s model ex-girlfriend, who had previously condemned him for his gambling habits.

Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng tied the knot in 2015, and soon after, they joyfully welcomed their first daughter. By early 2020, she gave birth to their son. In fact, rumors of the couple going their separate ways had swirled for the past three years before the recent official announcement of their divorce.

Zhang Ziyi is one of the most celebrated Chinese actresses in the international scene, renowned for her performances in several classic works. On the other hand, Wang Feng is a distinguished rock musician in China, famous for his sold-out concerts.

Source: k14

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