Yuri (SNSD) once again proved that she will forever head for a group of 9 members

Yuri has caused the SNSD fan community to buzz.

From the moment SNSD faced one of the darkest moments in their career, it has been more than four years. From 2014 to now, despite all the speculation and rumors regarding Jessica leaving the group, none of the other eight members officially denies or confirms any of the information regarding the incident on September 30th four years ago.

The seemingly more than four-year-long is enough for the OT9 fans to be discouraged. However, in fact, any information related to Girls’ Generation, Jessica, and most recently from Yuri, is enough for the fans to sob.

On December 9th, Yuri had a fan meeting along with her late birthday party (Yuri’s birthday was on December 5th) with Korean fans. Like any SM’s traditional birthday party, this is not a performance, but an opportunity for idols and fans to talk and interact more.

One of the highlights of the OT9 fan meeting was when Yuri answered the question about her current phone image: “Does everyone still remember the photobook “So Nyeo”? I remember that it was released again but I liked the pictures in it. I like the innocence and brightness of the girls at that time, so I put the phone wallpaper as the photo of the members by the coast. I sometimes use the pictures of Hani or Dooyi too.

Shortly after Yuri’s response, fans quickly found the image that she used as the wallpaper for the phone. Photobook “So Nyeo” that Yuri mentioned was Girls’ Generation’s first photobook and was taken in Japan. This is also one of the most popular photobooks of the SM Entertainment “gold” girls, containing the image of a young, naive, innocent and especially complete SNSD.

It is known that this is not the first time some information related to Jessica was discovered by fans from related sources to Yuri. Previously, her father also gathered attention when following Jessica on Instagram. Yuri also watched Instagram’s story of Jessica’s fan, causing the fandom to “stir up” for a long time.

The fact that Yuri still sets the phone screen as SNSD with full members and her sincere sharing makes fans very happy, especially for those who look forward to a reunion of Jessica and the other eight members of SNSD. Anyway, the girls have had a long time together and their sisterhood cannot be looked down.

Source: Tinnhac

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