Yuehua to take legal actions against malicious rumors accusing IZONE’s Yena of receiving sponsorship from CJ Chairman’s brother

After Choi Ye-na, a former member of IZ*ONE, was embroiled in sponsorship rumors, her agency finally made a statement.

IZONE’s Yena
IZONE’s Yena

Yuehua Entertainment announced on December 2nd, “We recognized that false information, malicious criticism, and slanderous posts of our artist are being spread indiscriminately on online communities and social networking services,” adding, “We will take legal action against malicious posts and will respond strongly without any settlement in the process.”

The agency then stressed, “We will do our best to protect our artists through reports from fans about malicious rumors and slander and through continuous monitoring.”

As IZ*ONE Choi Ye-na‘s agency, Yuehua Entertainment eventually made legal responses as rumors related to its artist spread online.

Choi Ye-na is currently embroiled in rumors that CJ Group Chairman Lee Jae-hyun‘s younger brother Lee Jae-hwan, chairman of Property Holdings, sponsored her from behind the scenes.

According to SBS earlier, Chairman Lee Je-hwan contacted celebrity A through Kakaotalk messages. A asked Chairman Lee Je-hwan, “Mr. Chairman, what are you doing?”. The Chairman answered, “I’m thinking about A”.

CEO of a CJ Group’s subsidiary company posted his report about A to Chairman Lee Je-hwan. CEO Lee said, “As for A, she is more interested in music distribution than Youtube activities. Therefore, I already asked for cooperation from our music business department to take good care of her”. Chairman Lee replied, “Thank you”.

According to reports, after several text conversations between Chairman Lee Je-hwan and the CEO, A secured a fixed position in CJ-affiliated broadcasting programs.

Rumor IZONE’s Yena receiving sponsorship from CJ Chairman’s brother

In this regard, it has not been confirmed whether Choi Ye-na was celebrity A who Chairman Lee Je-hwan sponsored or not, but her name is being mentioned everywhere on online communities. Some netizens called out A and Choi Ye-na at the same time, citing that Choi Ye-na was selected as a fixed member in tvN’s entertainment programs several times and that she has also continued her Youtube activities.

Regarding the previous report, Chairman Lee Je-hwan said, “I have never helped A, but I once told an executive to contact her because I think I can use her”. Regarding the conversation with Chairman Lee Je-hwan about A, the CEO of CJ said, “I’m not a person who can report things to Chairman Lee Je-hwan.”

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