Young Lady and Gentleman starts off with high ratings of over 20%

The premiere of KBS2’s latest drama has gained a great amount of attention. 

On September 25, 2021, KBS2 premiered the drama Young Lady And Gentleman. This is the drama many viewers were looking forward to because it stars actor Ji Hyun Woo and actress Lee Se Hee. The drama consists of 50 episodes, broadcast on KBS2.

Young Lady and Gentleman
The drama Young Lady and Gentleman that starts airing recently 

Young Lady And Gentleman is a unique romance between a pretty and stubborn tutor in her 20s and a single father in his 40s. As soon as episode 1 aired, Young Lady and Gentleman has quickly attracted attention from the audience and recorded a very high rating of 22.7%. The drama then continued to achieve even more positive results after episode 2 aired on the evening of September 26, with a rating of 26.5%.

Initially, when the producers published the plot synopsis of the drama prior to the premiere, Young Lady And Gentleman was criticized by many netizens. This is understandable due to the huge age gap between the male lead and female lead.

Young Lady and Gentleman
The drama stars Ji Hyun Woo and Lee Se Hee

However, what Ji Hyun Woo shared in an interview has made viewers feel more secure to anticipate the drama. Specifically, Ji Hyun Woo stated, “Love has no age limit. I hope viewers can see Young Lady And Gentleman as an emotional and healing drama, showing feelings between people.”

Young Lady and Gentleman
The drama is about a romance between a single father and a pretty tutor

Regarding the issue of why the drama faces criticism from viewers right from the beginning of its broadcast, In episode 1, the two main characters meet for the first time when the male character is 27 years old. After their first meeting, the timeline changes to 7 years later. At this time, the female lead becomes a beautiful young woman in her twenties. She then meets the male lead again – whom she has a crush on in the past and still maintains those feelings until now.

Young Lady and Gentleman
Ji Hyun Woo plays a father in his 40s
Young Lady and Gentleman
Lee Se Hee plays a 20-year-old character 
Young Lady and Gentleman
There would not be a problem with the storyline if it did not root in the past

The detail of the little girl having a “crush” on a mature man has especially caused a great debate on social media. Many people criticize the drama crew for adding that detail in, which can affect the development of young viewers on television.  At the same time, another part of netizens also object to the romance between a 20-year-old girl and a divorced man who is nearly 40 years old and has children of his own. However, there are still a few viewers who think that the age gap of more than 10 years in a relationship is totally normal and this is common in our society.

Young Lady and Gentleman
A simple drama about romance and family
Young Lady and Gentleman
The drama is facing objections from parents

After that, the writer also expressed their thoughts: “It seems that the viewers are being too sensitive to gender issues in the drama. The writers simply wanted to emphasize the predestined relationship between the male lead and the female lead. In fact, the girl also has feelings for her classmate before, and even has an ideal type in her head.”

Young Lady and Gentleman
How will the director and writer handle it?

“So at the level of just a crush, the girl has feelings for the older man in the past is understandable. ‘Young Lady and Gentleman’ doesn’t deserve to be hated on. The upcoming 49-episode journey is the story of how a 20-year-old tutor makes the single father fall for her and becomes the mother of three emotionally deprived children. What’s wrong with that?”

Some viewers also find the fact that the two main characters have met in the past, and the female lead used to have feelings for the male lead since then is unnecessary. Not everything that actually happens in real life should be included in the dramas as a way to “emphasize the destiny between the male lead and the female lead”. What do you think about the drama’s high ratings and the criticism of netizens?

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