Yoo In Na appeared with a different face from her image in the Goblin era 6 years ago

Yoo In Na (Goblin) recently caused a stir because of her strange face when attending a radio event.

Yoo In Na emerged and received a lot of love from the audience after her successful makeover role in the 2016 blockbuster Goblin. She attracted attention for her brilliant beauty, bright smiles like the sun and trendy style in both movies and real life.  After that, despite participating in quite a few new works as the female lead, this actress could not make a breakthrough during the past 5 years. 

However, recently on July 10, Yoo In Na suddenly caused a stir on Korean social networks when appearing at a special event of Vielment Radio.  What makes people pay more attention is the strange appearance of the female star.  Many people pointed out that In Na’s nose suddenly looks much rougher and strangely curved, her eyelids are also clear and her eyes are bigger.  Compared to the image of Yoo In Na in 2016, netizens immediately noticed the difference in her face. But besides this opinion, many netizens think that Yoo In Na looks different in this appearance because of the bangs, and the actress’s face is probably swollen because of weight gain.

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Yoo In Na appeared with a gentle and beautiful appearance but different from the time she played in Goblin
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Yoo In Na’s nose bridge looks rougher and more swollen than before, her eyes are also deeper.  Returning to black hair, the actress also lost the trendy and luxurious look of 6 years ago when she had light brown and blonde hair.
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Comparing images from when Yoo In Na first debuted and emerged in Goblin until now, netizens clearly noticed the change in the size of the nose and eyes.  However, many netizens think that it seems that due to a lot of weight gain in the past time and the obvious change in the bangs, Yoo In Na looks different like this.
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Admittedly, 2016 – 2018 was the peak period of Yoo In Na’s beauty and career.  Her beauty at that time became a new trend in Korea when talking about aesthetic and beauty models

source: k14

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