Stars’ children are entering the music industry: Yoon Sang’s son Anton in SM’s RIIZE, Jung Tae Woo’s son under HYBE?

Recently, children of celebrities have also made their steps into the entertainment industry, especially the music industry. 

Si Eun, the eldest daughter of singer Park Nam Jung, made her debut as a member of the girl group StayC and has received huge love for her lively teen fresh charm. 

si eun

Shim Shin’s daughter Belle is also active as a member of the rookie girl group Kiss of Life. Having just made her debut, Belle has already gained recognition for both visual and skills.

The person who is arousing the most attention and interest among the public is singer Yoon Sang’s son Anton, who is about to debut in the new boy group RIIZE launched by SM Entertainment. Owning a tall height, impressive physique, and a calm yet cute unexpected charm, Anton has already attracted many fans even before his debut. 


Appearing on various entertainment programs with his father Yoon Sang when he was a kid, Anton developed the dream of becoming an idol then went under SM and trained there for a long time. Apart from his visual, he also inherited his father’s musicality and producing skills, raising fans’ high expectations for his future.

In addition, actor Jung Tae Woo’s eldest son Ha Joon, who has already established a long acting career since his childhood, is rumored to make his debut as an idol under HYBE. It is because his mother Jang In Hee is said to have followed the SNS account of HYBE Labels. Many are looking forward to seeing the growth of Ha Joon, who already possesses an idol-like visual, as an idol singer.

Source: Daum

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