Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young confirmed to appear in tvN’s new drama “Link” to be aired in 2022

Link: Eat, Love, Die” (Link) is a fantasy melodrama about interesting human mysteries and emotional sharing that occurs when a man suddenly links himself to a woman’s feelings one day then they share all kinds of joy, sadness, and pain together.

Attention is focusing on how director Hong Jong-chan, who created many realistic worldviews in “Dear My Friends” and “Life”, will team up with screenwriter Kwon Ki-young, who showed solid scripts that combine romance and mystery through “Suspicious Partner” and “All About My Romance”, and deal with a fresh topic of “emotional sharing”.

In particular, the news of two actors Yeo Jin-goo (as Eun Gye-hoon) and Moon Ga-young (as Noh Da-hyun), who have proved their significant presence in each work they participated in with delicate emotions, meets and forms a golden lineup also raised high expectations.

First of all, Yeo Jin-goo will play Eun Gye-hoon, a sous chef at a luxurious restaurant. This character not only has great cooking skills but also owns a beautiful visual and a sexy voice. However, someone’s feelings suddenly begin to invade him, causing him to shed tears unexpectedly and laugh for no reason. As a result, fans are wondering how actor Yeo Jin-goo, who has proved his in-depth acting skills, will portray the personality of Eun Gye-hoon, who has to go back and forth between joy, anger, love, and sorrow in an instant.

Moon Ga-young will take on the role of Noh Da-hyun, a job seeker whose life is full of misfortunes. Noh Da-hyun believes that if she endures her mother’s nagging and her junior’s curses and treats them with a bright smile, she will receive blessings. However, she seems to encounter only troubles, not luck. Her pathetic life begins to get entangled with a man named Eun Gye-hoon when she is involved in an irreversible incident. Therefore, the news of Noh Da-hyun being played by Moon Ga-young, who has captivated viewers with her realistic acting, has already drawn keen attention.

“Link” has already excited viewers by heralding a new emotion-sharing fantasy that two young stars, Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young, will create in this melodrama. In addition, audiences are also curious about the meaning behind the unique subtitle “Eat, Love, Die”.

The production team said,

‘ Link’ will be a melodrama with a fresh story created by two characters who share emotions with each other. We are more reassured to be with actors Yeo Jin-goo and Moon Ga-young, who have solid acting skills, in this project. Please continue to show your support and love for our drama in the future.

The first episode of “Link” is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022.

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