Yang Se-jong Revealed Suzy Gifted All The Staff Of “Doona!” Expensive Scarfs

Actress Suzy gifted expensive scarfs to the staff of “Doona!”

Suzy and Yang Se-jong, lead actors of Netflix’s original series “Doona!,” recently appeared in the web entertainment show “Salon Drip 2,” which was released on October 31.

In the show, when the MC asked, “I heard Suzy showed great generosity on the set?” Yang Se-jong said, “She gave very expensive scarves to all the staff in different colors just in time for Christmas.”

Suzy said, “I was more proud that they liked it. But I didn’t gift Se-jong,” smiling. When Yang Se-jong pretended to be upset, saying, “I didn’get one,” Suzy explained, “I thoroughly prepared gifts for the staff because I didn’t know how the shooting would turn out.”

Suzy also reportedly wrapped the gift herself. The actress said, “I prepared it to express my gratitude, but I wanted to wrap it like Santa because it’s Christmas.”

Source: daum

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