While Girls’ Generation Sooyoung was receiving award, Yoona made a surprise move

“Girls’ Generation” Sooyoung and Yoona showed off their chemistry.

On Dec 30th, Sooyoung received “Excellence Award, Actress in a Daily/Short Drama” at MBC-TV’s “2022 MBC Drama Awards”.

Sooyoung, who won “Excellence Award”, stood on stage with a big smile.


Sooyoung looked at the trophy as if she was moved, then delivered her acceptance speech.

She said, “Actually, I found out whether I was nominated today while reading the script. So, my acceptance speech may not be perfect.


The screen then showed Yoona, a member of Girls’ Generation as well as Sooyoung’s close friend.

Yoona looked at Sooyoung, who was delivering her acceptance speech. Sooyoung expressed her gratitude, “Thank you for giving me such a precious award.


And Yoona was caught on the screen again. Seeing Yoona on the screen, Sooyoung told Yoona, “Yoona, now is the time for you to cry.

Yoona burst into laughter at her friend’s sudden words and began to pretend to cry. Sooyoung, who saw Yoona’s great acting skills (?), felt proud, “Well~ good. Okay, okay.

Source: Insight

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