“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” Hwang Bo-ra to marry her 10-year lover a.k.a her agency’s CEO in November

Actress Hwang Bo-ra and Kim Young-hoon, CEO of Walkhouse Company, will get married in November after 10 years of dating.

As a result, Hwang Bo-ra will become Kim Yong-gun’s daughter-in-law and Ha Jung-woo’s sister-in-law.

Hwang Bo-ra directly reported the news of her marriage on her SNS on July 6th. Hwang Bo-ra wrote, “Hello, I’m Hwang Bo-ra. I wrote this because I had some news that I wanted to deliver to everyone who loves me. I am going to marry him, my long-time partner, in November. Thanks to many people’s blessings, we could be together with a stronger love. I want to say thank you to everyone who always supported me. I’ll live happily ever after. Please always stay healthy. Thank you,” she wrote.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Hwang Bo-ra

Hwang’s agency, Walkhouse Company, also announced this wedding in November. The agency said, “CEO Kim Young-hoon and actress Hwang Bo-ra, who have been with each other for a long time, will tie the knot in November. The wedding will be held behind closed doors with their family members and close acquaintances. We ask for your understanding that we cannot give you the details.”

Hwang Bo-ra and CEO Kim Young-hoon have been dating for 10 years since 2013. Hwang Bo-ra has consistently shown her affection for Kim Young-hoon. At the recent production presentation of “God of Defense,” they had said they wanted to announce their wedding as soon as possible.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Hwang Bo-ra

Above all, Hwang Bo-ra will soon become family with actors Kim Yong-gun and Ha Jung-woo. Hwang Bo-ra said about Kim Yong-gun, saying, “When he goes on a trip, he doesn’t buy presents for Young-hoon, but he buys gifts for me. He always gives me a birthday present,” she said. “He also paid for my medical checkup instead. This time, he also bought me a coat from a brand that I really like,” she said on an entertainment show.

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim Hwang Bo-ra

CEO Kim Young-hoon made his debut as a member of the vocal group Yes Brown in 1997 and has since worked as an actor. He has also been working steadily as Ha Jung-woo’s agency and a representative of the film production company Walkhouse Company. He is currently participating in the production of the movie “Rebound,” directed by Jang Hang-joon.

“What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” Hwang Bo-ra

Many celebrations continue for the marriage of the couple, who have been in pretty love for 10 years. Even after marriage, Hwang Bo-ra will continue to work in dramas, movies and entertainment as an actress, and CEO Kim Young-hoon will also focus on his management and film production career. Congratulations continue on Hwang Bo-ra and Kim Young-hoon, who announced their wedding in November.

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