What if the 98-liner idols come together to make a boy group? Full of high-quality visual and talented members

Many visual members of idol groups are born in 1998. A boy group consisting of these 1998-liners will prove how talented these “Tigers” can be.

There are actually not many K-Pop idols who were born in 1998 (Year of the Tiger). However, as rare as they are, all these 98-liners are seen as the core and special factors of their respected group. If we put them together to make a 98-liner boy group, we will definitely have a perfect group with all positions and impressive visuals enough to take over the K-Pop music scene by storm!

Jungwoo (19/2/1998)

Position: Vocal, dancer

Jungwoo was added to NCT 127 quite late, but he soon proved his talent as well as acquired very high public recognition. Aside from his impressive visual and tall height, Jungwoo always perfectly executes his singing line with his unique vocal.

Universe (Let’s Play Ball) – Jungwoo (NCT)’s fancam

Vernon (18/2/1998)

Position: Main rapper, visual

Vernon is currently one of the most famous idols of K-Pop with mixed-blood visual. He is currently a member of SEVENTEEN’s Hip-hop Unit. Vernon’s unique voice tone, which perfectly fits his image, gives him even more charms.

Rock With You – Vernon (SEVENTEEN)’s fancam

Seungkwan (16/1/1998)

Position: main vocal

Of course, the main vocal position is indispensable! Seungkwan is SEVENTEEN’s best vocalist with impressive high notes. Surely he will also do a good job playing this role in this 98-liner boy group. Not only that, with his lively and humorous personality, Seungkwan will be the mood maker member who creates the atmosphere and unity for the group.

No one can be more fitting for the main vocal position than Seungkwan
No one can be more fitting for the main vocal position than Seungkwan
Ready To Love – Seungkwan (SEVENTEEN)’s fancam

Moonbin (26/1/1998)

Position: main dancer, vocal, visual

Another visual of this special boy group’s lineup. Moonbin from ASTRO is famous for his amazing physique and impressive dancing skills. These two factors make Moonbin stand out on stage. He also owns another “weapon” to capture fans’ hearts: his eye smile.

ONE – Moonbin (ASTRO)’s fancam

Juyeon (15/1/1998)

Position: center, dancer, vocal

Juyeon is also one of the idols born in 1998 who is drawing attention for his outstanding center aura in The Boyz. With his beauty and confidence, he often holds the center position on stages. Juyeon is also highly appreciated for his flexible transformation from cute, dark to unique concepts.

MAVERICK – Juyeon (The Boyz)’s fancam
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