Before causing controversy, Waterbomb used to be dream festival for Kpop fans

The Waterbomb Water Festival is an annual event that is popular in Korea, but given the current drought situation, this festival is causing controversy because of the waste of water.

This summer, Korea entered a drought since many areas had not received rain in a long time. Faced with this situation, on June 13, actress Lee El spoke out against the Waterbomb music festival, which sparked a heated controversy.  The actress criticized the water waste of the Waterbom concert, “I wish 300 tons of water for the Water Bomb Concert were sprayed on the Soyang River.”

Lee El

Waterbomb is a well-known yearly summer music festival in South Korea. This is the stage where prominent artists perform, together with many exciting and breathtaking water spray shows, to create the most entertaining festival for young Koreans. However, given the current drought, the public is opposed to this festival. 

Waterbomb uses huge amount of water

On May 4 on Radio Star, PSY mentioned Soak Show – a summer concert series with a similar theme to Waterbomb: “We don’t just use water. It’s drinkable water. It costs about 300 tons per show. We will mobilize water through sprinkler trucks.” 

psy 2022 summer swag

PSY’s shares have elicited conflicting reactions. The audience, contrary to expectations, criticized PSY: “Amidst this situation, PSY should donate the water he intends to use for the concert for agriculture use”

Before being criticized for wasting drinkable water, Waterbomb was once the dream destination of Kpop fans with top-notch stages and the presence of a series of top idols such as BLACKPINK, HyunA, Sunmi,…

BLACKPINK – Waterbomb 2018

blackpink Waterbomb

BLACKPINK not only dominated summer 2018 with their global hit DDU-DU DDU-DU, but also with their Waterbomb stage. The image that fans remember the most is of four beautiful girls dressed in eye-catching green outfits. Jennie’s Waterbomb photo series, in particular, became a “legend” in BLINK’s heart.

blackpink Waterbomb
The youthful beauty of the 4 girls of YG


hyuna Waterbomb

The most familiar and iconic face of the Waterbomb festival has to be HyunA.  HyunA’s free, liberal and sexy aura perfectly suits this music festival.  HyunA’s stage has become the symbol of Waterbomb.


sunmi Waterbomb

Also participating in the line-up of Waterbomb in 2018, Sunmi’s image at that time went viral on social media because she was so sexy and attractive. Thanks to Waterbomb 2018 and Sunmi, the Gucci swimsuit she wore became the hottest item that summer.

sunmi Waterbomb
Sunmi’s pretty visual
sunmi Waterbomb
Sunmi heated up the atmosphere of Waterbomb 2018 with her hot body and catchy music
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