Was Paul Kim’s YouTube channel stolen, or is it a natural result of contract termination”

Fans of the singer Paul Kim are expressing mixed opinions regarding the matter of his YouTube channel.

On March 4th, some fans of singer Paul Kim expressed dissatisfaction towards his former agency, Neuron Music. This is because the YouTube channel which was previously used for Paul Kim, has been changed to the official channel for Neuron Music, following the termination of Paul Kim’s exclusive contract with the agency.

paul kim

“Due to the termination of Paul Kim’s contract, his former channel will be operated as the new official Neuron Music channel”, Neuron Music announced on the same day, adding, “Paul Kim’s new YouTube channel will be opened and announced soon.”

Paul Kim’s channel has more than 460,000 subscribers, and it is known that most of them are Paul Kim’s fans. Meanwhile, another official channel of Neuron Music has about 6,000 subscribers. The change has caused fans to react, with some expressing disdain over the fact that the channel, which gained attention with Paul Kim’s popularity, was taken away and changed into a company channel. On the other hand, some showed the opposite reaction, saying that this is a natural result following contract termination. 

Paul Kim

On the other hand, Neuron Music announced the termination of their exclusive contract with Paul Kim on March 2nd, saying, “We sincerely thank Paul Kim for giving us a beautiful impression in every moment from 2015 until now. We will continue to support the ventures and steps he will take in the future. We would also like to express sincere gratitude to fans who loved him.”

Source: Naver 

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