TXT Soobin picked the member who would die first and last if they were in Squid Game

Soobin (TXT) considered and selected the first member to be eliminated if participating in the Squid Game.

“Squid Game” is currently the hottest series on Netflix. It also became the first Korean series to be at No.1 Netflix in the US. “Squid Game” tells the story of people who risk their lives in a mysterious survival game in order to become the winner of 45.6 billion won. Not only the audience but many Kpop idols also became fans of this movie, Big Hit’s boy group TXT is one of them.

Squid Game

During a recent livestream on Vlive of Soobin and Huening Kai, the two talked about the new widely popular drama, and several of their viewers couldn’t stop talking about it as well. 

txt soobin squid game

When Soobin was asked by a fan if he prefers Penthouse or Squid Game, the leader of TXT immediately chose Squid Game. Another fan then gave them a question, saying, “Who would have died first if the members were in the ‘Squid Game?'” Hueningkai then made the amusing comment that he would die first because he is so bad at the “Red Light, Green Light” game (also known as the “Statue Game”). “First and foremost, I’m terrible at playing statues,” Huening Kai admitted. Soobin responded with a laugh, “You would’ve died in the first game.”

txt soobin squid game

Soobin further explained that Huening Kai is likely to be cheated by someone because he is such a kind person. I think Huening would get betrayed. He’s too nice, bad guys would come leech off him.

Talking about other members, Soobin also gave a reasonable explanation. As for Yeojun, Soobin stated that his heart is too weak and soft for such a situation and that Yeonjun would not stay long in the Squid Game. 

Soobin chose Beomgyu, in addition to Hueningkai and Yeonjun, as the member who would die first due to his lack of self-control. Instead of remaining calm, Soobin believes Beomgyu will be unable to do so. “Beomgyu? I think it’d be Beomgyu. You need have to control when you hold back or attack, but I don’t think Beomgyu knows how to hold back. He’s the type to stubbornly go forth? Beomgyu?”

txt soobin squid game

Soobin fessed up that it would most likely be him and Taehyun who would outlast his members! It’s not because they’re athletically gifted, but because they’d “Stubbornly Survive,” according to Soobin.

txt soobin squid game

The person who would survive the longest would be me and Taehyun? I don’t think athletic skills are super essential. I think that if you throw me into that type of place, I would really stubbornly survive.” – Soobin explained.

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