Two members of WJSN were involved in a car accident on Aug 31st… Their current status has been revealed

WJSN members Exy and Seola were recently involved in a car accident.

On August 31st, Starship Entertainment released an official statement on WJSN’s official fancafe, saying “Today (August 31st), a traffic accident occurred while WJSN’s Exy and Seola were moving to the location for their schedule.”

wjsn seola

The agency explained, “The two members and the managers in the car were not seriously injured. They were quickly taken to the emergency room for diagnosis and treatment”, adding “As a result of the detailed examination, both Exy and Seola had no fractures but they were advised to receive additional treatment and spend time for stability due to muscle pain and bruises”.

They continued, “Considering our artists’ health as the top priority, we will try our best to help the members stabilize and recover to prevent aftereffects following advice from medical staff”, adding, “We will inform you again after adjusting the schedules according to their stability and recovery”.

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Meanwhile, WJSN made their comeback with the special single album “Sequence” in July and carried out many promotional activities. Exy is appearing on JTBC’s survival show “The Second World”. 

Source: wikitree

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