TWICE Mina wants a kiss from Sana as birthday gift: Here’s Sana’s reaction

TWICE’s Mina expressed her birthday wish to receive a kiss from Sana during a recent radio show, to which Sana playfully responded.

In a recent radio show appearance, TWICE’s Mina was asked what she would like to receive as a birthday gift from fellow member Sana.

Without hesitation, Mina answered, “I want to receive a kiss from her.”

Mina Momo Sana

Sana replied with laughter, asking Mina where she wants to be kissed. Mina responded, “Maybe on the cheek.”

Sana asked if that would be enough, to which Mina replied, “Yes, just one side is enough.”

Fans of TWICE have been buzzing about Mina’s request, with many expressing their excitement about the two female idols’ close friendship.


On the other hand, Mina and Sana have been known to be particularly close, often seen sharing sweet moments together on and off stage.

Mina’s birthday is on March 24th, and fans are already anticipating what kind of celebration TWICE will have for the occasion.

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