Top 27 most viral moments of Korean celebrities in 2022: Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin reigned overall?

Recently, Korean media has selected 27 most viral moments of Korean celebrities within the year 2022. From iconic selfies, serious scandals, to glamorous weddings, all are included within these 27 moments. 

And out of them all, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin took up 2 spots in the Top 5 thanks to their union earlier this year. 

hyun bin son ye jin

Below are the most viral moments of Korean celebrities in 2022

1. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin’s marriage announcement 

In the evening of February 2nd, fans of Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin couldn’t help but rejoice, as Son Ye Jin herself announced that she was tying the knot with Hyun Bin. The post, which was published on Son Ye Jin’s personal Instagrams, received numerous likes from netizens. 

Son Ye jin hyunbin

The announcement of Son Ye Jin was dubbed “the most iconic moment of the year” so far. 

2. Park Shin Hye’s wedding photos

After years of dating, Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon officially became husband and wife after a wedding ceremony at the church on January 22nd. 

Looking at Park Shin Hye all happy and gorgeous on her big day, fans of the famous actresses found themselves moved to the very core.

3. Kim Seon Ho returned to SNS after scandal with ex-girlfriend

Coming in third on the list is Kim Seon Ho’s first post on Instagram after a long hiatus. The actor was previously accused of mistreating and forcing his ex-girlfriend to get an abortion, but was later revealed to have treated her extremely well. As a result, Seon Ho’s return was welcomed with open arms by most netizens.

Kim Seon Ho

4. Son Ye Jin pregnancy announcement

Once again making their way to the Top 5 is the golden couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin.

This time, Son Ye Jin once again went on Instagram to announce that she’s with child. The actress wrote a heartfelt post, where she used beautiful words and promised to protect this “blessing” well. 

5. Mysterious photo of “Hospital Playlist” cast 

Fans of the famous K-drama “Hospital Playlist” started to suspect that a 3rd season for this series was in production, after a photo of the cast in doctor scrubs were published. 

Hospital Playlist

6. Kim Seon Ho announced new project 

Kim Seon Ho

Kim Seon Ho made his fans cheer in joy, after his management agency revealed that the actor would return to the musical stage with his new project “Touching The Void”. 

7. Lee Min Ho’s appearance at Park Shin Hye’s wedding

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho made various netizens laugh after updating a photo of himself attending the wedding of his previous on-screen lover, Park Shin Hye. The actor even captioned the photo with an iconic quote from his hit K-drama “The Heirs”.

8. Jung Hae In and Jisoo’s side-by-side photo


As co-stars on the K-drama “Snowdrop”, Jung Hae In and BLACKPINK Jisoo boasted an outstanding chemistry. A series of behind-the-scenes photos of the duo therefore easily made headlines among K-drama fans. 

9. IU at the 2022 Cannes International Film Festivals

cannes iu

Photos of IU in stunning gowns when attending the 2022 Cannes International Festival earned the idol-actress ample praise. From her visuals to choice of fashion, IU was an extremely hot topic. 

10. Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong

Ahn Hyo-seop-Kim Se-jeong

“Business Proposals” co-stars Ahn Hyo Seop and Kim Se Jeong published photos of themselves together on their personal SNS, drawing huge attention. 

The remaining 17 “viral moments”:

  • 11. Jung Hae In posting Jisoo’s paper plane on Instagram
  • 12. Lee Min Ho sharing a photo of himself with his 33rd birthday gifts from fans all over the world
  • 13. Gong Yoo showing support for hit K-drama “Twenty Five, Twenty One”
  • 14. Song Joong Ki posted a photo of himself smiling at Kim Tae Ri’s vlog
  • 15. Son Seok Koo shared photos taken with his acting partner Kim Ji Won
  • 16. Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo’s reunion after 11 years
  • 17. Gong Yoo’s questionable photos with his pants
  • 18. Kim Tae Ri sharing about her upcoming YouTube channel and asking for channel name recommendations 
  • 19. Son Seok Koo and his cute photo with Ma Dong Seok
  • 20. Lee Se Young’s reunion with Lee Seung Gi
  • 21. Lee Jun Ki shared his dance cover 
  • 22. Song Joong Ki snuggling with actor Jo Han Chul 
  • 23. Kim Tae Ri and Bona’s sweet moment
  • 24. Han Ji Min posed next to actress Jung Eun Hye, who has down syndrome
  • 25. Kim Jung Hyun’s first public post after 10 months of hiatus
  • 26. “Hospital Playlist” female cast went on a coffee date
  • 27. Cute couple photos of “Money Heist: Korea” stars Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Joo Bin
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