Top 10 Kpop idols with solid charisma according to Knet: Who will be the best in your opinion?

Out of these 10 idols, who has the stage expression that made you ‘overwhelmed’ with excitements?

In order to have a perfect performance, an idol not only needs to have good singing and dancing skills, but also must know how to control expressions to match the lyrics, choreography and the concept of the song in general. In fact, compared to vocal and choreography, the stage charisma is more difficult to practice, and the idols who are highly appreciated in this area are often born with more temperaments than others.

Recently, Korean netizens on Theqoo have listed 10 idols having solid stage charisma among Kpop idol nowadays. Let’s see who these idols are.


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Here are Knet’s comments on the topic of the current Kpop idols with solid stage charisma:

– Jimin is the best.

– Nayeon, she was born to be an idol.

– Charisma idols that I love are Jennie, Jimin and V.

– I think V is the best. He’s the stage King.

– I think of Yeonjun (TXT) and San (ATEEZ).

– For me it’s Jennie, Nayeon and Soojin.

– Jimin has the ability to fascinate people with every performance.

– Nayeon and Yuna are pretty and also have very good expressions.

– Jimin is my type.

– In my opinion, Jennie and Jang Wonyoung’s faces don’t have various expressions.

– I really like idols who can master their expressions on stage. All the people on this list can do that!

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