This married couple has a kid together but never kissed each other 

The story of a married couple who have never kissed each other made everyone shocked.

Married Couple
Channel A’s variety show “Married Couple”

In the latest episode of Channel A’s “Married Couple,” which will air on the afternoon of March 19th, will feature the first “Kissless” couple in the show’s history. The couple, Jung Joo-won and Lee Yoo-bin, who had been married for more than 15 years, recently participated in the recording of the show and told their story. 

Married Couple

The couple married last year and are in their second year of marriage, but according to the production team, the couple made a cold and gloomy atmosphere at the filming site. When the recording began, her husband, Jung Joo-won, recalled their love story, saying, “We met while practicing taekwondo in middle school, and I contacted her first because I had a good impression of her.” He also introduced they have cute eight-month-old child.

Married Couple

When the husband’s words were over, his wife Lee Yoo-bin confessed, “I’m not satisfied with the marriage,” adding, “I’ve never been kissed by my husband since I was in a relationship.” And the MCs were like, “What?” expressing astonishment, saying “How did you have the kid then?” to which she replied “He did everything except kissing me.”

Lee Yoo-bin explained the seriousness of the situation, “I like kissing, but my husband and I can’t make any progress after ‘kissing’. I’m going to keep my mouth shut.” She then revealed her sadness, “Even if my husband asks me to touch him, it’s like kneading dough.” Jung Joo-won replied, “Even though I look like this, I’m attentive, domestic and shy about kissing. I still need to prepare my mind.”

Married Couple

Jung Joo-won directly expressed his position, but the MCs could not easily sympathize. They left questions such as “Do you have any complex in your mouth?” MC Hong Jin-kyung also expressed surprise by confessing, “I’ve been doing (the program) for more than a year, and these new issues come up every time.”

Married Couple

However, on this day’s “quick interview”, the production team foretold a huge reversal as the MCs suddenly apologized to Jung Joo-won, saying, “We’re sorry.”

The quick interview of the “kissless” couple can be found on “Hottest Couples”, which will air at 11 PM on the same day.

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