This man went to clubs and had fun with 10 female hostesses at a time despite having Park Min Young 

Actress Park Min Young’s ex-lover Kang Jong Hyun, who is suspected to be the real owner of Bithumb, is said to spend 100 million to 300 million won for one night’s drinking despite being a credit delinquent.

MBC’s “PD Notebook,” which aired on Nov 8th, shed light on Kang Jong Hyun’s private life, who is the so-called Chairman of Bithumb.


According to the “PD Notebook,” Kang Jong Hyun spent 100 million to 300 million won on alcohol in one night at a famous club in Gangnam. He also visited a club with 10 female hostesses and often spent 100 million won on alcohol alone by ordering expensive champagne.

Park Min Young

Regarding the background of him spending hundreds of millions of won despite the fact that he is bankrupt, Kang Jong Hyun explained that he only made money through the mobile phone business. He countered that the supercars in the parking lot belonged to someone else, and that he was living at a friend’s house.

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He even claimed that one of the supercars belonged to former golfer Ahn Sung Hyun, Sung Yu Ri’s husband. He also gave an absurd explanation when asked about the 500 million won luxury watch he wore when he dated Park Min Young, saying, “It’s just a fake.”

After receiving loans of about 10 billion won from financial institutions, Kang Jong-hyun was not able to repay, and was known as a defaulter of large amounts who could not pay more than 1 billion won in taxes.

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For this reason, he bought listed companies in his younger sister’s name in a short period of time without making any property in his own name. This is why suspicions are being raised that there is a so-called “financier” who backed up the huge capital.

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Earlier, Seoul Southern District Prosecutors’ Office’s Financial Investigation Division 2 (Chief Prosecutor Chae Hee-man) announced on Oct 27th that they are banning Kang Jong-hyun, who was identified as a key figure in the cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb’s embezzlement case, from leaving the country.

Kang Jong-hyun is the older brother of Kang Ji-yeon, CEO of Bithumb’s affiliates Bucket Studio and Inbiogen. He was also embroiled in dating rumors with actress Park Min-young.

pd notebook

At that time, Kang Jong-hyun said, “I don’t want (Park Min-young’s) career to be ruined because of me, so I decided to break up.”

Source: wikitree

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