This actress changes her image with short hair for the first time after marriage and looks even younger and prettier 

Some decided to get rid of long straight hair to escape from their innocent image, but many stars still show off their goddess visuals even after cutting their hair short.

Girls’ Generation Soo-young, who has been dating actor Jung Kyung-ho for 10 years, recently appeared in a shortcut hairstyle and gave off a different atmosphere. Last year, actress Song Ji-hyo also made headlines by cutting her hair short for the first time in 20 years after her debut.

SNSD Sooyoung

While many stars are making bold changes to their styles, this actress, who is famous for her neat and elegant beauty, also delivered a surprising update.

On October 18th, Lee Yeon-hee posted several photos on her Instagram account without leaving any caption.

Lee Yeon-hee

The released pictures show Lee Yeon-hee spending her leisure time at a cafe with comfortable autumn sunlight. 

Cutting away her signature long hair, Lee Yeon-hee impressed everyone with her “boyish” vibe and unexpected charms. Her beautiful visual and aura wowed netizens to the point that the change in her hairstyle was overshadowed. 

Lee Yeon-hee

Lee Yeon-hee’s distinctive facial features and her youthful face were highlighted by her new hairstyle, which is slightly curly as if it was blown by the wind.

Fans also showed various reactions, such as “Yeon-hee unnie looks good in every style”, “Your face stands out even more with short hair”, “A goddess is a goddess no matter what she does”, etc.

Meanwhile, Lee Yeon-hee married a non-celebrity older than her in June 2020. She gained huge love for her acting performance in Kakao TV’s web drama “Welcome to Wedding Hell”, which aired in May.

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