This 11-day-old girlgroup surprisingly surpassed IVE on M Countdown to win No.1

This group is Kep1er, a rookie group on the 11th day of its debut.

On Mnet’s “M Countdown,” which aired on the afternoon of January 13th, IVE and Kep1er competed for the No.1 spot. Kep1er‘s “WA DA DA DA” won in the second week of January after a tight match.

On this day, IVE and Kep1er competed fiercely for the first place with a total result of 6,046 points and 6,500 points. Kep1er’s digital sales score was recorded as “0 points” as the group is a rookie who debuted on January 3rd. However, it proudly topped the list by beating IVE with overwhelming scores in record sales, global fan votes, social media scores, and Mnet broadcasting scores.

Mnet's "M Countdown"
Mnet’s “M Countdown”

Kep1er members said, “Thank you so much for the surprise announcement of our first place. Kep1ian, thank you so much and I love you for creating Kep1er and helping us win first place.” The members expressed their overwhelming feelings, leaving comments such as “I will never disappoint you and become a Kep1er you can be proud of,” “Thank you so much to the staff who always work hard for us,” and “Please look forward to Kep1er and love us a lot.” 

Kep1er's official Instagram
Kep1er’s official Instagram

Kep1er is a multinational nine-member girl group and a Korea-China-Japan joint project selected and debuted on Mnet‘s survival audition program “Girls Planet 999,” which aired last year.

The following is Kep1er’s encore stage video

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