Freezia Explains Why She Recently Visited The Emergency Room Early In The Morning

Influencer Freezia (Song Jia) revealed a shocking anecdote

On October 7th, Freezia uploaded a new video titled “GRWM. Highly requested autumn daily makeup+news TMI” on her personal YouTube channel. That day, Freezia revealed her recent status while doing makeup.

During the talk, Freezia mentioned that she recently went to the emergency room.

Freezia explained, “A few days ago, my eyes started hurting so much while I was looking at my phone at night”. Recalling that time, she shared, “I thought maybe a dog or cat hair had gone into my eye so I tried eye drops, and rinsed it with water. I did everything but it wouldn’t go away. I was freaking out thinking something serious had happened to my eye.”

Freezia continued, “Usually, if an eyelash goes into my eye, I just pick it out. No eyelashes, no dog hair, nothing. But my eye kept hurting and felt uncomfortable. I wonder what on earth could it be”.

Later, she said, “I usually can’t open my eyes underwater, but I saw on Naver that if you open your eyes underwater and rinse them, it’ll get better. I tried but it didn’t work”, expressing her frustration.

She added, “After waiting for about two hours, I finally went to the ER since it was still hurting. The nurse flushed my eye with water rinsing it continuously for about 15 minutes. After that, it got better.”

Source: Nate

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