SF9 Hwi-young and Chan-hee got caught partying until dawn at a bar in Gangnam despite the serious pandemic situation

Hwi-young and Chan-hee, members of the group SF9, were found to have violated quarantine rules.  

Hwi-young and Chan-hee admitted and apologized through their agency FNC Entertainment on Jan 27th for violating quarantine rules.

According to FNC Entertainment, Hwi-young and Chan-hee violated the government’s disease prevention rules in Seoul by meeting with acquaintances outside at 1 a.m. on Jan 18th. It was confirmed that Hwi-young and Chan-hee were having Chan-hee’s birthday party at a bar in Gangnam, Seoul.

According to the police, there were about 10 people in the bar at the time, including the employees, Chan-hee and Hwi-young. The police booked them on charges of violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

A representative from the agency said, “It is clear that Hwi-young and Chan-hee have done careless and reprehensible actions,” adding, “They are blaming themselves, reflecting deeply, and regretting for causing such concern not only to the fans but also to the public.”

“We deeply apologize for neglecting the management of our artists. We will thoroughly manage and come up with measures to prevent such incidents from happening again,” the agency apologized.

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