The wedding of SHINee’s manager and DBSK’s manager: basically a mini SM concert 

The appearance of SM artists at the wedding of SHINee and DBSK’s manager is becoming a hot topic. 

On October 30, photos of an “SM wedding” became a hot discussion among netizens. In particular, the bride and groom are none other than the managers of boy groups SHINee and DBSK, leading to an iconic “office romance”.  

As a result, many SM artists can be spotted at the wedding venue, drawing huge attention from fans and the public. 

tvxq shinee manager wedding
The wedding of SHINee’s manager and DBSK’s manager has been the talk of town. 

As the event is important to his close manager, Yunho was the MC of the wedding. Meanwhile, Changmin, Onew, and Wendy all delivered performances of soulful songs, leading to fans comparing the wedding to a mini SM concert. 

tvxq tvxq shinee manager wedding
Yunho was the MC of the wedding, while Changmin sang a congratulatory song 
shinee tvxq shinee manager wedding
SHINee members Onew, Taemin, and Minho was spotted talking together 
chang min tvxq shinee manager wedding
SM artists delivered many soulful songs at the wedding

In addition, the wedding also invoked laughter by boasting a setlist full of SM songs. In particular, the bridge and groom walked into the venue against the tune of SHINee’s “Beautiful”, while DBSK’s “I Swear” can be heard mid-ceremony. 

The traditional SM song “Hope” was also blasted at the event, making the wedding a fun and joyous “SM concert”. 

tvxq shinee manager wedding
“Hope” can also be herded at the wedding 

Source: kenh14

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