The surprising friendship between V (BTS) and a well-known idol-actor

Korean netizens were both surprised and excited to know about the friendship between V (BTS) and a famous idol-turned-actor.

BTS members, particularly V, always have friendships that surprise fans. The male idol has long been granted the nickname the “diplomatic king” of the group. He earned this title for his interaction with many famous stars such as the Wooga squad (Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, Choi Woo Sik and Peakboy), Ha Ji Won, Park Bo Gum, YoonA (SNSD), Minho (SHINee), Sungjae (BTOB) ), etc…

bts v
V (BTS) is considered a ‘diplomatic kingwith many friendships in the entertainment industry

Not long ago, Korean netizens were surprised with a lovely selfie of V and the famous actor Lee Jung Jae from the drama “Squid Game”. And most recently, the newly revealed ‘secret’ friendship of V and another male Kpop idol has also become a hot topic. The character mentioned here is Im Siwan – a member of the group ZE:A who is currently pursuing an acting career and is praised for his roles in the dramas “Misaeng” and “Run On”.

Im Siwan had a photoshoot with the January issue of ‘Elle’ magazine recently, and he also participated in a short interview to share more interesting things about his life. Then, Elle magazine asked if Siwan has recently followed anyone on Instagram.

The actor said, “The last person I followed was Taehyung-ie! Taehyung-ie said that he just started using Instagram recently so I followed him.”

bts v im si wan
im si wan
Im Siwan said he followed V (BTS) recently on Instagram

Shortly afterward, a post on a Korean online forum became a hot topic when referring to Siwan’s answer, they wonder: ‘How are they so close? Anyway, both of them are really handsome.’

Many fans guessed that V may have got to know Siwan through another close friend of his, Hyungsik – since Hyungsik and Siwan are both ZE:A members. However, others say that as the “diplomatic king”, with V, nothing is impossible, and he must have much other unexpected friendship that is yet to be revealed.

park hyungsik bts v
Did Park Hyungsik help connect V and Siwan?

Meanwhile, netizens also affirmed that V and Siwan are not merely social friends. The reason is that Siwan always calls V ‘Taehyung-ie’ in a dearing way, and he also revealed that V texted him right away after creating his Instagram account. Many people expect that with such friends in the film industry, V will soon make a comeback as an actor after a long time since “Hwarang”.

bts v im si wan
The recently revealed friendship of V and Siwan makes netizens excited.

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