The skin condition of “The Glory” cast in 4K: one villain triumphs over Song Hye Kyo?

A series of close-up images of “The Glory” cast members’ skin in 4K is currently attracting huge attention from netizens.

Recently, users on online forums have been sharing a series of close-up images of the skin of The Glory’s actors in 4K resolution. Although the series has been airing for nearly two weeks, this topic still captures the interest of netizens because these images are highly detailed, to the point it is possible to see the actors’ pore. 

According to these images, however, it was not Song Hye Kyo, but a particular “villainess” who won the title of “best skin”

Song Hye Kyo

song hye kyo

This is the state of Song Hye Kyo’s skin while filming “The Glory” at age 41. It is easy to see that the actress has noticeable pores on both cheeks, and her laugh lines have shown signs of sagging. Nevertheless, since she wears minimal makeup and sometimes not at all, the actress is surprisingly youthful for her age. At the same time, Song Hye Kyo’s light makeup helps to better convey the character Moon Dong Eun, who was bullied, malnourished, and struggling to live. 

In recent close-up shots for a fashion brand, Song Hye Kyo’s skin looks better, thanks to using more makeup and no longer having to portray Dong Eun’s tired demeanor. 

Lim Ji Yeon

lim ji yeon

In “The Glory”, villainess Lim Ji Yeon boasts a completely opposite appearance to Song Hye Kyo, with more elaborate makeup. As her character is a famous MC living a luxurious life, it’s understandable why she always wears a full face of makeup. In 4K, Lim Ji Yeon’s face reveals a thick foundation, with hidden pimples under her eyes, chin, and forehead.

In the photos posted on her personal page, Lim Ji Yeon wears lighter makeup, showing a pretty look by getting rid of the thick and heavy foundation.

Cha Yoo Jung

cha joo young

Cha Yoo Jung, who assumes the role of Choi Hye Jeong, has the best skin among “The Glory” cast members. In particular, her skin is smooth and bright, without any problems like large pores or hidden pimples.

In everyday life, Cha Yoo Jung often shows off her beautiful skin on her personal page. The 32-year-old actress takes excellent care of her skin.

Jung Sung Il

jung sung il

The man who attracts the most attention in terms of skin is Jung Sung Il. The 43-year-old actor shows visible dark circles under his eyes, several blemishes on his skin, and a few wrinkles on his forehead. However, he still looks extremely handsome both on and off screen, giving off mature vibes.

Kim Gun Woo

Villain Kim Gun Woo’s skin is generally pimple-free, but he has a few dark spots around his cheeks.

kim gun woo

Below are some comments from netizens regarding this topic: 

  • 4K quality without filters is truly different, even the foundation is visible.
  • The skin of Korean stars is generally excellent, although they barely wear makeup on screen 
  • Jung Sung Il, I love you so I’m gonna send you some eye cream 
  • Cha Yoo Jung’s skin is really beautiful, smooth without large pores.

Source: k14

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