The return of “Queendom 2” competitors: WJSN still unremarkable after winning, Kep1er caused controversy with their music show win

All Kpop groups of “Queendom 2” seem to not be doing well with their latest comebacks.

A month after “Queendom 2” concluded, all competitors, excluding Hyolyn and Brave Girls, are trying to use the show’s hype and make their own comebacks. In particular, WJSN, LOONA, Kep1er, and VIVIZ have all returned to the Kpop race with new songs. However, compared to the previous season of “Queendom”, it seems that these returns are not too well-received. 

Below is a comparison of comebacks after “Queendom 2”

Album sales

Among “Queendom 2” participants, Kep1er is leading in physical sales, with 153,094 album copies sold within the first day, and over 287,000 albums sold within the first week of release. As they debuted from the Mnet survival show “Girls Planet 999”, Kep1er already got a fair share of fame despite being a Kpop rookie. 

Meanwhile, WJSN, the winner of “Queendom 2”, only sold 71,396 album units. The group managed to break their previous records in terms of Hanteo sales, coming in 2nd among “Queendom 2” contestants. 

On the other hand, LOONA broke their personal record of first day and first week album sales with 50,065 copines, while VIVIZ sold the least with 23,272 copies – barely a change from their previous release. 

Melon Daily Chart 

As Melon is the most popular music streaming platform in Korea, the Melon Daily Chart accurately reflects the popularity and public recognition of songs within the nation. Rankings on the Melon Daily Chart for post-Queendom comeback of the 4 groups are as follows: 

#110 VIVIZ – Loveade

#114 WJSN – Last Sequence

#286 Kep1er – Up!

#241 Loona – Flip That!

As can be seen, despite selling the least physical albums, VIVIZ’s song was most popular among the public. However, all of the groups seem to be lacking in digital charts, as their songs completely disappeared on the Melon chart right on the 2nd day of release. 

Genie Daily Chart 

On the music platform Genie, VIVIZ still came in first, followed by WJSN, while Kep1er and LOONA couldn’t enter the chart. The rankings of VIVIZ and WJSN are as follows: 

#157 VIVIZ – Loveade

#177 WJSN – Last Sequence

Bugs Daily Chart

Rankings of the 4 group on Bugs is as follows: 



#11 Kep1er

#21 WJSN

Compared to Melon and Genie, Bugs is a music platform reigned by Kpop fandoms, and has a lot of loopholes that can be exploited, leading to higher rankings in the Bugs Daily Chart. In fact, Bugs is even used by several fandoms to manipulate digital scores on music shows, as revealed by Choi Kwang Ho, Head Secretary of KOMCA (Korea Music Copyright Association).


The number of views and trending peaks of the “Queendom 2” cast are as follows: 

Kep1er: 6.972.696 views – trending #1 Youtube Worldwide

LOONA: 6.724.408 views – trending #2 Youtube Worldwide

WJSN: 3.859.752 views – trending #1 Youtube Worldwide

VIVIZ: 1.05M views – trending #11 Youtube Worldwide

It seems that despite the hype of “Queendom 2”, there are not much improvements in terms of YouTube views for all 4 groups 

Winning on music shows is also one of the ways to prove the success of the song.  However, this is not a strong front of all four above groups. According to fans, with this comeback, VIVIZ and WJSN had to compete with many famous artists and strong fandoms, so their chances of winning were quite low. In addition, Kep1er’s recent win on Music Bank cup against TWICE Nayeon is quite controversial for the 5000 points of broadcast.

In short, despite the available resonance after the show “Queendom 2”, it seems that all 4 groups still couldn’t chieve the expected success. According to some netizens, the winner of the show WJSN, although receiving the most attention after the program, still can’t achieve outstanding in digital music achievements.

With Kep1er and LOONA, although they did not achieve the goal of winning Queendom 2, it is clear that these two groups have attracted more attention after the show ended. Finally, VIVIZ, despite having a solid fanbase, these 3 girls still did not have a suitable chance to prove themselves as fans expected, digital music achievements have shown signs of decreasing. 

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