The reasons why K-pop idol fansites close down

Many famous fansites of K-pop idols unexpectedly close for different reasons, either because they have to enlist in the military or are going to debut as idols.

For Korean idols, the support of fans is as important as the company’s investment. Fans are the ones who can help idols become popular, but at the same time can destroy the idols’ careers. A master-nim (fansite’s owner) is someone who follows idols to almost every event that the idol attends. In order to have the opportunity to get close to idols, they often have to spend a large amount of money.

Most of the time, a fansite closes down only when their bias is involved in a scandal. However, there are exceptions for different reasons. Some master-nims could be busy studying for exams, some could run out of money to follow idols everywhere. There are even fansites that stopped being active because they were about to become K-pop idols.

Closed Fansite

Fansites closed because of idols’ scandals

Recently, the Korean showbiz was shocked by the controversies over Lucas’s (NCT) relationships. In just a few days, up to 3 women and a man spoke out to accuse the male idol of gaslighting and cheating. Not only being involved in relationships with many people at the same time, but Lucas also asked his girlfriend to purchase expensive items for him. As one of Lucas’s ex-girlfriends, the master-nim of DIRECT KILL decided to expose her bias after shutting down the fansite.

In addition, the largest Chinese fanbase of Lucas, LUCAS CNFC, also announced to close down. A representative of the admins announced: “Hello everyone. From today, the admins of LUCAS CNFC will withdraw from all positions. If anyone wants to take over our job, please do not hesitate to contact us by sending a private message”.

Closed Fansite

V’s fansite is closed because of exam preparation

Mingming, a middle school student in Korea, is the master-nim of V (BTS). Although she still wanted to continue running the fansite, she had to change her operating status from “temporary” to “closed”. The biggest reason for this decision is because of education. In the final exam, Mingming received a pretty low score and only 5 months left to go to 8th grade, so she was quite worried.

Mingming confesses: “I’m about to learn about quadratic equations, but I can’t even solve quadratic equations…” After reading this, everyone assumes that the little master-nim girl Age made the right decision.

Running out of money

Everyone knows that to become a master-nim, you must have a lot of money to buy a good camera and follow idols everywhere. However, a Loona fansite had to stop working because the current asset was only 0. When announcing the closure, this master-nim said that the account she used to own was 4,237,197 won.

Serving in the army

Baekhyun is not only a fan of female fans but also has countless male fans. The photo captures the conversation between master-nim WARM LIGHT and another fan in January 2020 that many people find interesting.

The reason the fansite had to close down was that its owner was busy serving in the military. However, this fansite still silently supports the idol by donating to charity under Baekhyun’s name. This is not the only case because there is also Daehyun (B.A.P)’s Busan Boy fansite who enlisted in the army and had to close down.

Closed the fansite because of having a baby

EXO officially debuted in 2012, so the group’s fans are mostly grown up. Some of the group’s master-nims are not only married but also have to “give up the game” because they have given birth to babies.

Closed Fansite

WithSuho_ fansite owner posted a notice on Twitter: “Everyone, I’m sorry I can’t do the fansite anymore because I’ve become a mom. Thank you to everyone who has loved WithSuho during the past time.”

Closed the fansite as being busy debuting as an idol

The story of the successful fangirl Jane (MOMOLAND) became a topic of discussion because she was so cute. Before becoming an idol, Jane had time to own Baby’s Breath fansite of L and Sunggyu (INFINITE). She has followed her idol everywhere and owns a huge collection of HD-quality pictures. When she became a trainee, Jane had to delete all of her fansite accounts. The once-master-nim girl has now become a Kpop idol and even once stood with her idol on a stage.

Closed Fansite

It takes a special kind of love to support, invests time and money in someone like master-nims. Whatever the cause, the owners of fan sites may be heartbroken when they have to stop working.

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