The reason why Shin Hyun-bin didn’t take it seriously when she saw DinDin wearing only “underwear”

A new past anecdote of actress Shin Hyun-bin and singer DinDin, who have been close since childhood, has been revealed.

On May 2nd, SBS Power FM’s “DinDin’s Music High” featured actress Shin Hyun-bin, who is greatly loved for the recently released TVING original drama “Monstrous”.


Shin Hyun-bin and DinDin’s second older sister have been close friends since elementary school, and naturally, she and DinDin have known each other for a long time.

While they were talking amicably, several listeners praised Shin Hyun-bin’s fashion sense, saying that her clothes were so pretty.

Upon hearing this, DinDin recalled the memories, saying that Shin Hyun-bin had been very good at dressing since a long time ago.

DinDin revealed an anecdote that he suddenly remembered while looking back on the past. He was greatly embarrassed after meeting Shin Hyun-bin at his house around the age of 20 before joining the army.

DinDin shared that he slept comfortably in underwear on days he drank a lot when he returned to Korea after studying in Canada.

On the day he met Shin Hyun-bin, who came to his house to play, DinDin went out to drink water in underwear. After saying hello, he was ashamed because he was too naked.

However, after hearing DinDin’s words, Shin Hyun-bin tilted her head, saying that she did not remember anything about it.

In response, DinDin “self-dissed” that Shin Hyun-bin could not remember because she did not feel sexiness in him.

Shin Hyun-bin explained that she did not care about DinDin’s naked body at that time.

DinDin repeatedly said that revealing his underwear to Shin Hyun-bin was still a big shock.

However, when Shin Hyun-bin could not remember what happened that day despite DinDin’s detailed explanation, DinDin caused laughter by replying, “I guess it feels like you saw your younger brother in elementary school.”

Meanwhile, aside from this day, they showed warm chemistry by referring to their friendship on various broadcasts.

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