The reason why Choi Daniel said he faced the hardest time in his career after “High Kick” ended

“High Kick Through the Roof” actor Choi Daniel appeared on an entertainment show for the first time after a while and confessed about his hard times in the past.

On February 15th, Ji Seok-jin, Kim Jong-min and Lee Yi-kyung shared conversations with their first guests Lee Dong-hwi, Lee Chan-won, and Choi Daniel on MBC Every1’s “That Oppa at the Tteokbokki House”.

That Oppa at the Tteokbokki House

On this day, Choi Daniel showed up as Lee Yi-kyung’s “gganbu” (friend/alliance). He said, “I wanted to do a lot of variety shows, but it didn’t work well”, adding, “I was too young during my 20s so I didn’t come on shows. I think that’s why I had a hard time”.

Appearing on an entertainment show for the first time after such a long time, Choi Daniel surprised everyone with his youthful appearance that didn’t seem to change much from how he looked in the past.

That Oppa at the Tteokbokki House

In particular, Choi Daniel gave an unexpected answer to the question asking when he experienced a slump in his career. He said the hardest time he encountered was after “High Kick Through the Roof” ended.

Broadcast in 2009, “High Kick Through the Roof” was extremely popular at that time. Many viewers still remember the shocking ending in which Choi Daniel and Shin Se-kyung’s characters died together.

Choi Daniel said, “The hardest time in my life was when I received attention after appearing in ‘High Kick Through the Roof’. My life that had changed significantly made me feel awkward. I was 24-25 years old back then”.

That Oppa at the Tteokbokki House

He continued, “Compared to my age and experience, there are much more thanks that I had to decide and take responsibility for. I kept thinking ‘What do I have in the end? What’s the next step? Why am I making a lot of money? Don’t we all die in the end?’. I was really tired because of the feeling of emptiness”

Meanwhile, Choi Daniel also revealed that he helped Lee Yi-kyung when he was having a hard time worrying about his house rent. Choi Daniel recalled the past and said, “Yi-kyung once thought that I didn’t have any difficulties. Didn’t the articles talk about my father?”

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