The number of viewers of TWICE’s online concert revealed

TWICE has not been able to do as well as BTS, but their online concert viewership is not inferior to some SM male groups. 

Not long ago, JYP and SM Entertainment cooperated to open the company Beyond LIVE Corporation (BLC) to run a series of online concerts, under the project Beyond LIVE. TWICE is the first artist to have a concert in this project after JYP and SM’s cooperation. The 9 girls held a concert online TWICE: World in A Day on August 9, and although the group was caught up in lip sync, they still gained a big number of audiences.

The number of viewers of TWICE’s online concert revealed

The Korean newspaper reported that up to 100 thousand people watched the concert online TWICE: World in A Day. This number is even higher than the number of viewers who watched the Beyond the Future online concert that SuperM held in April (more than 75,000 people).

Compared with Super Junior’s Beyond the Super Show (120,000 online viewers) and NCT 127 (Beyond the Origin – 104,000 spectators), the number of TWICE online concert’s viewers was just a little less. This also shows that their fan base is as large as male groups.

The number of viewers of TWICE’s online concert revealed

But compared to BTS, the performance of the 9 girls from JYP is still… far behind. Concert BANG BANG CON: The Live of 7 Big Hit boys had attracted 760,600 online views from 107 countries. BTS once set a record for the most watched online concert in the world until it was surpassed by TFBOYS. The concert titled Journey of Light by the Chinese group has 786,000 spectators watching through the screen. 

The number of viewers of TWICE’s online concert revealed

With this result, Korean netizens think that TWICE is “excellent”, but when they put their achievements next to BTS, they can see that the Big Hit male group is on a different level. However, there are many comments that 9 girls are extremely respectable because they can be compared to SM’s popular male groups.

Knet commented:

  • 100K is daebak
  • This makes me realize that BTS is really different
  • Super Junior is also amazing…
  • BTS is just the wall, so don’t compare, everyone did well
  • TWICE is a girl group but they are amazingㄷㄷ
  • But why are people hating on BTS here?
  •  Well, TWICE is amazing, but BTS is just the top
  • Super Junior is still stable. TWICE and BTS are the top groups
  • BLACKPINK’s online concert will be a big hit, I’m looking forward to it
  • As expected, TWICE has a lot of international fans 

The above results show that TWICE is the Kpop girl group with the most viewers watching the online concert. However, BLACKPINK is having a great development, and is considered to be a formidable opponent to TWICE if they hold an online concert. This is also the reason why people are curious about the number of people watching BLACKPINK’s concert and believe that the 4 YG girls will ‘have a fierce chase’ with TWICE in this section.

Sources: knetizens

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