“The Glory” is mentioned as “The Idol” continues being criticized for explicit content

As criticism toward Jennie in “The Idol” rages on, “The Glory” was brought up in terms of its own explicit scenes.

According to Ten Asia, Jennie’s role in “The Idol” is the cause of the supposed downfall of the “living Chanel”. The real-life repercussion is not small, as “The Idol” is under criticism for having no artistic value. The story and image in the story are filled to the brim with explicit content, according to viewers.


In turn, fans came for YG Entertainment for not handling well or bringing appropriate project offers for their artists.

Before the official release of the series, the “SOLO” singer appeared on the red carpet with a show-stopping look, along with strong PR to boost her appearance at the event. However, the result was not up to par and the series eventually tainted Jennie’s hard-built reputation.


Moreover, Jennie also revealed she accepted the script to show a bolder side of herself, meaning this appearance was entirely intentional, and the idol and her company had thought about this many times. 

At the same time, “The Glory” by Song Hye Kyo was also brought up. The reason was that the revenge drama also contains a lot of sexual scenes but did not receive the same amount of criticism as “The Idol”.

the glory

Nonetheless, netizens came to defend “The Glory” and stated that the explicit scenes were purposeful in that they were a part of the story and established the relationships between the characters. A netizen commented that the R-rated scenes had meaning to unveil the evil nature of the antagonists. That explains why they did not receive any criticism on this matter. 

At present, “The Idol” has not benefitted Jennie as much as she hoped for. The only thing fan can do now is to see how public reactions will change with future episodes.

Source: k14

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