The chemistry of Sae Byeok (Jung Ho Yeon) and Ji Young (Lee Yu Mi) in real life got fans of the Netflix series “Squid Game” excited

The trio of 3 beautiful actresses in “Squid Game” boasted their chemistry through a cute selfie.

On September 20, actress Lee Yu Mi posted a behind-the-scenes photo of “Squid Game” on her Instagram.

Fans could easily recognize that Lee Yu Mi, Jung Ho Yeon, and Kim Joo Ryeong were taking this selfie together at the shooting site of the movie.

Lee Yu Mi Jung Ho Yeon Squid Game

In “Squid Game”, these 3 actresses, Lee Yu Mi, Jung Ho Yeon, and Kim Joo Ryeong, played Ji Yeong, Sae Byeok, and Mi Nyeo.

Seeing the trio smile brightly and make mischievous expressions, the viewers left a lot of comments showing enthusiastic reactions to their friendship.

Later, Lee Yu Mi added another picture of herself spacing out for a moment, making fans laugh because of her cuteness.

On the next day, September 21, Lee Yu Mi continued to release several photos taken with Jung Ho Yeon.

Lee Yu Mi Jung Ho Yeon Squid Game 3 scaled
Lee Yu Mi Jung Ho Yeon Squid Game 4 scaled

The two placed their faces next to each other and smiled brightly while pretending to show emotionless expressions. Looking at these photos, fans could feel the pleasant atmosphere during their shooting of the movie.

In response to these pictures, netizens left comments showing support for the actresses, such as, “Looks great”, “I can only see beautiful girls here”, “Your chemistry is so good”.

In “Squid Game”, Lee Yu Mi played the role of Ji Yeong, who was sexually harassed by her father when she was a child and had to suffer a hard life.

Meanwhile, Jung Ho Yeon acted as Sae Byeok, who escaped from North Korea, leaving her brother and parents in the North. She participated in the survival game to get the money and bring her parents to live with her. Kim Joo Ryeong played the role of Mi Nyeo, who worked here and there to earn money and possesses amazing survival skills.

Although Lee Yu Mi and Jung Ho Yeon didn’t have much screentime compared to other male characters in the drama, the two actresses still left the viewers with deep impressions.

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