Taeyeon X Da Hyun challenged the Annabelle doll at the Halloween party.

The two wore the same  makeup but gave different feelings.

SNSD’s Taeyeon and TWICE’s Kim Da Hyun challenged the doll of the Annabelle movie.

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Taeyeon attended the SM Town Halloween party called “Wonderland” on October 31st. From the white dress to her long braided hair, she was a perfect Annabelle doll. Taeyeon accompanied her dog to show her cute charm.

Da Hyun held a fan meeting called “ONCE Halloween” at the Nocheon theater in Yonsei University on October 28th. Da Hyun imitated the doll perfectly. Her face was so scary, but she could not hide her cuteness.

Netizens showed their responses: “They’re both so cute,” “So scary,” and “Didn’t they imitate so perfectly?”


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Kim Da Hyun

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Source: Dispatch

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