T.O.P (BIGBANG) deleted his video on Instagram Story due to having used the wrong account

It’s been a while since T.O.P last used his Instagram but his short video on Instagram Live was taken down soon after it was uploaded.

Known as the 4D idol, T.O.P always make fans shook every time he uploads something on Instagram because it will be either his weird photos or series of 10 photos and more in a row.

YG, bigbang, TOP, Gdragon, 2017
Though he was not at the concert,

However, after T.O.P enlisted, the fans felt a bit “empty” because they can no longer see their idol appear regularly on Instagram. According to the Korean law, when enlisted, artists will be limited to using cell phones and social networks.

Until recently, BIGBANG’s oldest member shared a video on Instagram’s story. This sudden return of T.O.P made the fans extremely happy.

Unfortunately, the video was soon deleted after it was uploaded just a minute or so (but some fast fans have saved the video and shared it widely)

The video shows T.O.P introduced the food that he recently bought at a Japanese restaurant. It’s been a long time since the fans could hear the idol’s voice.

bigbang, TOP, 2017
T.O.P appeared as quickly as lighting in the “Last Dance” performance.

Previously, T.O.P had several times shared wrong information on his personal page instead of sharing in private accounts. That’s why sometimes fans see T.O.P rush to delete his posts. The latest case is probably no exception. Currently, the fans are “holding a competition” in order to search for T.O.P’s private account.

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